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DSCN9654DSCN9656DSCN9733DSCN9797DSCN9796DSCN9646 DSCN9641 DSCN9641Our first wedding with the bride, her parents, her 2 sisters as the maids,with the surrounds has made a perfect venue for the wedding. With the photographer, hairdresser, and the make up girls made the build up to a great day for all. As the people were so amazed that they had the hole run of the BnB and the Bank.


Our 2nd wedding the lovely people just wanted the use of the backyard to have the reception, when they asked us we did not hesitate and said yes. The people were very happy to pay a small fee for the use of the toilets and power for there convince. With the back drop of Mt Remarkable to top off the setting. The 130 guest’s remarked quiet often that they toughly enjoyed the backyard setting.



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